• Healthy Tomato Soup

    Jane Louise 29th January 2018

    Another super quick and easy soup recipe. Full of heathy ingredients and easy to transport in a flask to work or out for the day. If you’re following slimming world or weight watchers it’s a zero on both plans. Ingredients 2 punnets of cherry tomatoes…

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  • Sunday at our favourite beach

    janelouisebuckle 8th October 2017

    Lepe Beach is one of my favourite places in this world. We have so many lovely memories here, any season you’ll find us here drinking tea in our camper and going for walks collecting shells. Autumn is probably my favourite too, the sun is low…

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  • Saturday Night Beach BBQ 

    janelouisebuckle 21st August 2017

    The beach definitely one of our favourite places, especially in our camper. All year round we can be found drinking cups of tea on various beaches on the South coast. We are lucky enough to live in Hampshire, right beside the New Forest and a…

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  • My Butternut Squash Soup

    janelouisebuckle 15th August 2017

    I recently posted a picture of my lunchtime homemade soup on my insta-stories and I got some questions about how I make it.  So I thought I would share my recipe with you. I make this so often. It’s healthy and so easy to knock…

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  • West Whitterings Camping

    janelouisebuckle 23rd July 2017

    The children finished school for the summer on Friday. The camper was packed and ready to go at Lunchtime. We headed to our favourite Campsite at the Whitterings. It’s got everything we need and is short walk from the beach and village centre. I won’t…

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  • Ben’s 8th Birthday 

    Jane Louise 8th July 2017

    The happiest of Birthdays to my 8 year old boy. How did this happen? I’m mean he’s 8?! 8 years ago we brought this little bundle home and placed him in his car seat in our front room and just looked at each other and…

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  • Olivers 5th Birthday

    janelouisebuckle 30th May 2017

    Ollie turned 5 on 30th June. He’s a lucky boy as his birthday always falls during half term. This year we were in Wales at Trecco Bay. We hired a static caravan with Michaels sister and family on a big family park with lots to…

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  • Annual Easter Egg Hunt

    janelouisebuckle 9th April 2017

    Every year we get the family together for a big egg hunt. Such a great day, the sun was shining and everyone had a lot of fun.

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  • Mothers Day

    janelouisebuckle 26th March 2017

    I’ve had the best Mothers Day.  The boys made me tea in bed and showered me with cute gifts they’d chosen themselves. Then off to one of my favourite beaches to meet my Mum and have a cream tea in the Campervan.      …

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  • 9 Day Old Lucie

    janelouisebuckle 19th April 2014

    Last week I had the pleasure of photographing baby Lucie. At just 9 days old she’s sleepy, cuddly and has the cutest wrinkly forehead. I took these pictures at home with Mum, Dad and very proud big brother Jacques. The sun shone through the windows…

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