Why we diffuse essential oils

Jane Louise10th April 2020

Why diffuse essential oils?

I used to burn candles all the time. Candle light is so pretty and makes a room feel cosy. But then I read something about burning a candle was like smoking a cigarette because of the smoke and candle wax ingredients. Now I’m not sure that is actual fact but it did get me thinking.

There is no real benefit to burning a candle other than it looks pretty, plus potentially breathing in synthetic fragrance and smoke particles could have an undesired effect on me and my family.

So I switched to only diffusing my oils.

Essential oils are safe to diffuse and you also get the plus side of emotional and physical benefits from breathing them in too.

Here’s a few reasons why we love to diffuse:

  • Restful sleep
  • Focus for school work
  • Purifying the air & removing odors
  • Calming emotions
  • Immune support
  • Clear airways

There are lots of diffuser options and the good news is many of them have a candlelight flicker option too. You can choose a diffuser and your choice of oils or the starter kit which comes with a set of the most used oils and a diffuser too.

If you’d like to chat over the options, message me and I’ll send you some more information.

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