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Jane Louise Buckle19th April 2010
I haven’t done many updates lately. So here’s a catch up. Yesterday Ben waved for the first time. We were saying good bye to our friend Dave and his kids. He didnt actually decide to do it until they we out of sight but he then treated me and Daddy to a clever little display of waving when we said ‘Bye Bye’!! Awesome!
He’s still not crawling but seems to get around pretty well. I’m sure he’ll figure it out very soon, he seems so ready. Hand clapping is also funny, he holds my hands whilst I clap and laughs then I say ‘Ben do it’ and he just holds his hands in the air! Lol. He now has both his top teeth and both bottom ones and the top right pointy one as just come through. The top left has a little chip out of it, I think it grew through like that.
In general he is a super happy little baby. This is a great stage with him, he is so much fun. Perfect as the weather is starting to get all sunny so we can get out and about. We put him on the grass for the first time yesterday, it was hilarious he just held his legs above the grass the whole time! I dont think he liked the feel of it.  When we went round to Uncle Andy’s in the afternoon he took some pictures because he thought it was funny!

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