What to pack for a ski/snowboard trip

Jane Louise18th February 2018

The most exciting time of the year for me is heading to the snow. We are off to Avoriaz in March with the family and I cannot wait. I’ve been snowboarding for many years, I worked on ski resorts in my twenties and met my lovely hubs when I was learning to snowboard at our local dry ski slope. Back then we partied a lot, snowboarding all day and hanging out for apres all night, nowadays it’s different but the best kind of awesome, the children are with us, our little buddies are learning to snowboard and are quite frankly natural mini shredders who will soon be better than their Mummy!

I found the resort of Avoriaz whilst looking for a family friendly resort that was suitable for us, the children and my parents who are non skiers but love the snow and atmosphere. It’s no vehicle resort, cars are left in the car parks and the only form of transport is horse and cart and the buildings are wooden clad with a lovely traditional feel.

This will be our 3rd stay in Avoriaz and the 2nd at the L’Amara apartments. I love these apartments for their modern rooms and lovely facilities and that we can snowboard in and out to the door. I will bring you a closer look during our stay.

So on to the purpose of this post. Lots of my friends are trying out ski holidays with their families and many of them have been asking my advice on what they should take. I decided to bring together a list of my must haves when we travel to the snow.

For the slopes

1. Jacket

Your most important investment. Get a good jacket and it will last you years. Details to look out for. Waist gaitor, an elastic button up inner waistband, this protects you from getting snow down your back, likewise wrist Velcro’s to protect from snow going up your sleeves and make putting your gloves on easier. I like my jacket to be longer to cover my bottom, especially as I’m snowboarding and will likely spend some time sitting on the snow. A pocket on the sleeve for your lift pass to go in. Also useful is a hood for use when wearing out in the evening but I would avoid fur as when wet from snow it’s not nice on your face. I only take one jacket with me and use it for when I’m not on the slopes too.

2. Ski gloves

There are so many choices for gloves, personally I have always had mittens and so do the children I find that when my fingers stay close together I keep warmer and they’re just generally easier for doing up bindings etc. I like the slightly longer ones too for the same reasons as the jacket, snow doesn’t fly down your wrists so much. Click here for some that like.

3. Sallopettes/snowboard pants

I’ve had my snowboard pants for years. I chose to spend a little more money get a really decent pair. Mine are made by Burton snowboards for women and cost around £120. Things to look at when buying, poppers or zips on the side of legs for ease of getting in and out of boots and good deep zip pockets for anything you want to keep safe. There are so many looks out there, I go for a loose fit like these so that it’s easy to move around in but there are many styles including slim fitting boot cut and skinny.

4. Beanie hat

If you know me you’ll know I love, love, woolly hats. I have so many and every year hubs tells me I can’t buy any more. My suggestion would be a non bobble beanie like this one for the slopes as if it’s really cold you can wear it under your helmet. I also really like headbands as they keep your ears warm without having so much bulk under a helmet, I have this one . Take a bobble hat for off the slope style too, this one is really cute.

5.  Neck scarf

Fleece neck scarfs are perfect for keeping your neck warm and for covering your face of the snow starts blasting around. I often find when on a high chair left the wind can be crazy cold in your face. The fleece ones dry quickly and are less bulky than a scarf. Take a look here.

6. Base layers

Base layers or thermals are what you wear underneath your ski gear. Think thin layers to keep in the warmth rather than one big thick jumper. The children often end up wearing these in the evenings too as they are just super comfy. Check out these ombré ones that I’m taking away with me the top and bottoms match…in love.

7. Helmet

This is a no-brainer, everybody should wear a helmet when they ski or snowboard. I’ve seen so many accidents over the years and my helmet has probably saved me many times. Go to a ski shop and get fitted properly. I just bought Ben this one for £39 and am looking at a new one for myself (I like this one). They range in price from very cheap to super expensive, my advice would be get the best you can afford, your safety is so important.

8. Goggles

When trying on helmets try goggles at the same time to ensure they fit together. Your goggles are going to protect your eyes and face from sun, wind and snow. Most goggles nowadays come with fairly universal lenses to help you get the best from all weather conditions but lots of brands offer interchange ones so you can change them if the light changes dramatically for example from sun to snow. I also have over the glasses (OTG) gogs so I don’t need to wear contact lenses and there is also the option to have prescription goggles made.

9. Phone

Just in case you lose your buddies or need help and of course to catch those video memories.

10. Sunscreen

The rays are strong up in the mountains and you can easily get sunburnt. Save your skin and potentional wrinkles and invest in a great facial sunscreen that can be worn everyday even when not on the slopes. My good friend Louise over at my_beautiful_obsession.com recommended this one to me and you should check out her blog post about the importance of protecting your skin from UVA rays too. Also don’t forget to protect your lips too.

11. Tissues

Runny noses will happen trust me.

12. Cash

Needed for pit stops. I love a French beer in the sunshine or hot choc if it’s super cold.

13. Chocolate bar

Does this need a reason? Nothing better than a little snack on a chairlift.

Evenings and relaxing

1. Waterproof shoes

Walking boots or snow boots are best for keeping your toes warm and dry. Snow boots are never the prettiest but I do like these and would style them with chunky socks.

2. T-shirts and hoodies

I pretty much never take anything fancy for the evenings. Thin layers and a sweater or hoody take you to the restaurant or bars, you can then remove layers when it’s hot indoors. Here’s a few great basics that are easy to layer: oversized oversized hoody, pale pink hoody, perfect t-shirt in lots of colours and only £6.50, long sleeve white t-shirt, green stripe long sleeve t-shirt.

3. Comfys

We go self catering, heading to the supermarket on arrival and stocking up on all the good stuff including my favourite €2 prosecco! With that in mind after a day on the snow I mostly head to the hot tub and then into some cosies for the evening while we cook our own food and the kids play. Check out some of my favourite loungewear collections here and here.

4. Swimming gear

Lots of accommodation has swim and hot tub facilities. A hot soak after a day on the slopes is amazing for your muscles not to mention relaxing. Check if towels and robes are provided. Also be aware that some European pools have rules on the type of swimwear allowed, some require men to wear speedos not shorts.

6. Gloves

A pair of non ski gloves for off the slope activities.


So there you go. I really hope you find this useful. Any questions just pop them in the comments and I’ll get back to you asap. I can’t wait to share our adventures in the snow with you at the end of March.

This is not a sponsored post. All linked items are products I like, find useful or have purchased already.

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