Walking Progress

Jane Louise Buckle24th July 2013

Oliver has been doing the odd few steps in the last month but this last week he’s starting to show more signs. Last week he did 4 steps. On Monday he had a little pot of raisins in his hands and walked from me to Jane around 5 steps. Very balanced and slowly. Not the usual falling walk! Think he might be getting there. 

Quick Oliver update. Still sleeping all night from 6pm to 7.30-8am! Long day time sleeps of up to 4 hours! He’s eating we’ll. breakfast is toast or Cheerios and a beaker of milk. Lunch little sandwiches, omelettes, banana or yogurt. Dinners he pretty much eats what we have. He’s pretty good and eats a lot. He can say daddy and ta and what’s that. A real climber he has no fear and can climb up and down almost anything. He’s taught himself to turn around to go backwards down things. Just about to turn 14 months he’s a very busy little boy who never sits still. No wonder he sleeps so much. x

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