Toilet training

Jane Louise Buckle13th January 2012

First afternoon attempt – Wednesday January 11th. I suggested to Ben he take off his nappy and try his big boy pants. 5 pairs of new pants later, wet carpet and dribbles down the hallway, no wee's on the toilet!
Second afternoon attempt resulted in tantrum and refusal to wear pants and finally nappy going back on.
Today started the day with no nappy and pants. Let me put him on the potty and toilet. Then refused to wear pants only trousers. A few dribbles in trousers and finally at 11.45am we had a big wee on the toilet! Hoping we might be getting there!


  • Jane Buckle

    13th January 2012 at 9:02 pm

    3 and a half hours later and I'm starting to worry that there will be an accident soon as he refuses every time I ask him to go to toilet. Then suddenly he announces he needs to go whilst crossing his legs and he goes on the toilet again! Then again 3 hours later! Yay!! First full day and no major accidents. Very proud. Hope it continues!

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