Thursday update

Jane Louise Buckle25th February 2010

Just a general one really. Ben has been poorly for the last few days, nasty snotty cold, cough and incredibly red bum! This is the nappy rash I would assume comes with teething. Its not just sore but looks like a burn on his little bot. The tooth I mentioned in the last few posts has still not broken through, his gum is swollen but still no sign. Despite being poorly he’s slept well the last few nights, 7pm til 7am and 7pm till 6.45am. He has his tea at around 5pm, then bath at about 6pm and back downstairs for some chillout time then off to bed at 7pm.  In the morning when he wakes up I go and get him and we have a play and watch a bit of tv in our bed. I then surround him with pillows and get ready in the bathroom and he watches the telly (normally Timmy time or Chuggington!). We go downstairs and I make his brekkie and get him dressed before he has it. Breakfast is porridge or weetabix and a piece of brown toast followed by a 6oz bottle of milk. I’ve just realised that whilst I protested about routines, reading this back we actually have our own routine right here!
Today he’s been singing to himself a lot and is starting to repeat sounds if you do them to him. Playing on the floor he is pushing up on his knees and rolling over and over.  Lots happening with him at the moment, a really interesting a fun time.
I’m making beef stew tonight with baby stock cubes I bought at Boots today. His first taste if beef, lets see what he thinks.

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