Talking, teething and bumped head

In the last few days Ben has been doing lots of chatting. At this moment he is baa-baa-baaaing!!! We get lots of da-da-dad and bra-bra-bra only had mum-mum-mum a couple if times! Baby talk is so cute and he has made attempts to copy when I do it back to him. Good times! 🙂  This morning he woke up at 7am, I left him for about half an hour and then went in to get him.  He had wiggled right down the other end of his cot, when he heard me come in he got so excited he started bouncing on his tummy and bashed his head on the wooden slats of the cot! There were little sobbing tears for a min and then it was all over. 🙁
Still no sign of any teeth coming through!


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