Start your own side gig – April offer

Start your own side gig – April offer

I’ve said it a million times but I never knew clicking the button on becoming a Stella and Dot stylist would change my life so much. I figured I’d get some discounted jewellery and I would share with my friends and see what happened.

What happened was I got a ton of new friends, an income all of my own and a job I could work whenever I wanted. At the gym, out shopping or in a coffee shop, it’s work but my way. And if I didn’t want to work as much (or at all) one month no one comes knocking or do I get in trouble.

A day at work is actually an evening spent sharing the newest jewellery, bags and accessories with like minded ladies whilst enjoying a glass of wine.

And yes I do have the best collection of jewellery, bags, tops and scarves at a fantastic discount.

Join my team this month and along with the £300 shopping voucher you get to buy your samples you will also get this amazing Taj bag or the equivalent store credit to choose something from the collection.

£169 gets you everything you need to get going, £385 (including either the bag or credit) of accessories, signage, display items, order forms etc.

I can hand on heart promise there are no catches. If you’ve been looking for a side gig or a new career shoot me a message and I’ll talk you through it or if you’re ready click the link and let’s make something amazing happen for you. I cannot wait to have you with us.

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