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Jane Louise Buckle7th February 2010

7 months ago today my first child Benjamin was born weighing 8lb 1/2oz. 7th July 2009 changed life forever in the most amazing way. The months have passed so quickly! Already he is eating 3 meals a day and is on follow on milk (6oz 3 times a day). When he was 6 weeks old he had his hips checked as a result of a clicky hip diagnosis when he was born. This day was a difficult one as he left the hospital wearing a pavlik hip harness which was not to be taken off until he was 20 weeks old. Just before Christmas he got his freedom to use those little legs! He has been making up for it ever since, his legs are always on the go! Last night he slept through the night for the second time ever! 7pm to 7.40am! I had him weighed on Thursday he is 20lb 10oz. His legs are long and he is wearing 6-9months comfortably. He’s been sitting up on his own for about 4-6 weeks now and can roll over nearly every time he wants to! He’s been in his own cot since 4 months old before that he was with us in our room in a moses basket. I love it when his daddy comes home from work and his little face lights up and I love his baby babble that comes through the baby monitor in the mornings. He spends Tuesday and Friday with Nana Barbara as I go to work at the salon. The first time he put his arms out to be picked up was last Wednesday and it was to nana for a cuddle! So for now that’s where we are, I hope when I look back on this in the future it will bring a smile to my face that some of the silly little things have been noted here……

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