Shopping at toys r us

Jane Louise Buckle30th June 2011

Today we went to buy Ben a potty. We've been having a bit of sleeping trouble this week. Monday night he didn't want to go to bed and screamed the house down, he then climbed out of his cot by literally throwing himself over the top. We were stood outside his door and as we thought he was about to do it Michael put a pillow on the floor so he didn't hurt himself. He then did it again whilst we stood there and ran straight past us and down the stairs. So, tomorrow night is Friday and we are changing his cot into a bed. We lowered the floor of the cot so he can't get out but he just screams at bedtime so I'm hoping he will prefer a bed. Anyway our shopping trip was to buy potty and a nice duvet for his new big boy bed. As you can see he was more interested in this lovely hello kitty racing car! 🙂

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