Re-useable surface wipes

Jane Louise6th February 2019

Truth be know. I used to use a packet of antibacterial wipes a week. I was obsessed with cleaning everything down with them. Its only since I began this journey into simpler living that I learned those wipes are really not good for our family nor the environment. They’ll be sitting on some landfill right now and we breathed in some not so great chemicals from using them. But its ok, I have an alternative that I’m happy with.

Can I just say before continuing. I’m sharing here for you, only if you would like to know. I am the gate keeper to my home as are you to yours. I am not here to tell you what is right for your family. I’m just here sharing what works for us in case you are looking to make some swaps in the same direction.

In a nutshell, I am trying to buy less, re-use when possible and ditch chemicals in our home.

Enter natural, re-usable wipes. I’m going to show you what I did to make them below. They are made up with my ever faithful one bottle does everything Thieves cleaner (details at the end on how to grab some if you don’t have it yet)

I had lots of old face flannels in a basket in the bathroom drawer that never really get used so I cut them up as per the photo. No rules on size but these seem to be good to whiz over my surfaces and still fold over etc.

Next, I made up a small amount of thieves cleaner in a glass airtight container, again one I had out in the garage needing a new home. Less than one cap full is all you need. For those who aren’t already using Thieves, its a plant based, essential oil infused household cleaner. No chemicals or toxins and full of antimicrobial properties, plus it gives you awesome cleaning results. At this point you can also add any essential oils of choice. Lemon is a great cleaner, Citrus fresh smells amazing, Eucalyptus in the bathroom is fab, the options are endless.

Now top it up with a little water. You are looking to soak it into the cloths but not have them ringing wet. A bit of trial and error may occur here. I filled the jar maybe 1/3 full.

Now pop your cloths in and press them down to soak up the liquid. You might need to turn the jar upside down to get the ones at the top.

Thats it! Keep them by the sink and wipe up spills etc super quick then pop the cloth in the washing machine when you’re done.

If you would like some Thieves Household cleaner pop me a message and I can either order you some or I have a referral link to buy direct.

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