Jane Louise Buckle19th May 2010

Today was lots of fun with Benj. We didnt go anywhere just hung out at home together and played in the garden. Ben has ventured onto the grass now and spent ages exploring the garden. He also learnt how to pull the grass out and kept on eating it!
When we came back in and after he had his dinner, I got him ready for bed and was lying on the bean bag playing with him. He suddenly starting playing peeka-boo! But he was the one ducking down and hiding then jumping up! His face was so funny, he’d lower his eyes but still be looking at me and dip his head down behind the bean bag then jump up to me laughing! It was great!
He is also now starting to put more weight on his legs, which is good remembering that he had his harness on. He puts his bum in the air and stands on his feet, still with his hands on the floor but its a start! x

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