Oliver and his food

Jane Louise Buckle20th January 2013

Ollie is doing so well with eating. He hasn’t refused anything I’ve given him yet. I’ve been making my own purées for him (sweet potato, carrot and apple and broccoli, pea and pear, etc) this week I’ve he’s also had shepherds pie and Salmon fish pie with green purée. He also likes yogurts too. He also has 3 7oz bottles a day too. one mid morning, mid afternoon and a dream feed at around 10.30. Definitely putting on some weight now he’s on solids. Must get him weighed soon.
He goes to bed at around 6pm sometimes earlier and wakes around 8am.
He can crawl pretty quick now and found his way out of the lounge door this week too. Still crawls on his elbows though. It’s been snowing since Friday so we’ve been home all weekend apart from going on a snowy walk and a quick trip to the farmshop for some veggies this afternoon.

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