My oils journey

My oils journey

A year ago this week I ordered my essential oils starter kit.

I had been considering it for months, I had been worrying about the cost and whether I would use all the oils. I’d been asking all the questions of people already using them and doing a ton of research. I finally decided I just needed to do get on and do it. It was THE best decision I could have made.

My kit arrived and I immediately started trying out diffuser blends and using Thieves everyday. I started diffusing sleep oils in the boys rooms at bedtime and making them rollers to use if they didn’t feel so great and trying an oil if I was feeling a bit emotional.

After a while noticed I hadn’t taken a paracetamol for ages or needed to give the boys Calpol. I realised it was actually working. 

I was never going to do the business side, but then my lovely friend asked me to join her in sharing the products and do you know what, I couldn’t say no, I honestly believe every family should have the tool kit that I do to support their health and their families wellness.

I’m working from home now, I have freedom to work as I wish, sharing our journey and helping new friends learn along the way. Our team is growing and is full of awesome ladies learning together.

If you’ve been watching and wondering about grabbing a starter kit, lets do this together, you won’t regret it, pinky promise, its true. 

You can join here Get some oils

or email me with any questions at all.

I can’t wait to hear from you. x


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