Mothers Day

Jane Louise Buckle31st March 2014

The boys bought me this lovely sign for Mothers Day. We had a lovely day at mudeford and hengisbury head and them dinner at the New Forest Hotel. 
Ben’s swimming is coming along very well. Last Friday he did front crawl and 3/4 over head strokes, head down like a fish. His teacher did a ‘yesss!’ Under his breath and looked so proud. He got his stage one swimming skill badge too. 
Ollie is flying with his words and repeating everything we say. Not linking words together yet though. He said oreen this weekend. 
Ben had an excellent school report they said he is a ‘lovely boy’ he can adapt to different children and play accordingly. He played all day with a quiet boy called Hugh and his teacher said Hugh was ‘happiest she’s ever seen him’ 


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