March and the sun has been shining

Jane Louise Buckle17th March 2014
After so much rain this winter I’m so happy that the weather has cheered up and we’ve been out to play. 
Michael has started work on the garden patio and we’re thinking about how to set out our allotment. Oliver is crazy about being in the garden. He drags his little step to the back door and points out the window. Ollie’s latest words are chocolate, crocodile and the phrase “there you go”.
He still sleeps from 5pm to 7.30am. Daytime sleeps are stopping though although I think he still needs it as he’ll nap in the car if we’re out. 
Ben received a foxy award this week for super writing. He hasn’t been sleeping very well for a few weeks so I had a word with his teacher to check he’s been ok at school and she said if anything he’s making amazing progress the last few weeks, coming out of himself and speeding ahead with his words and writing. Made me so proud. Anyway he’s slept through the last two nights so hoping it was just a phase. 


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