Jane Louise Buckle29th June 2010

June 27th Ben stood up by himself for the first time in Mo’s garden. He put his bum in the air and stood for a few seconds before falling back down, but looked like he was thinking ‘i’m doing it!!!’ Then BUMP lol!
He’s still sleeping all night but for the last month or so he has been crying every time we put him to bed, has had been just laying down quietly and going off to sleep.
We put a stair gate up a few weeks ago at the lounge door. He thought it was great to start with rattling it etc then realised that he couldnt get out. any chance he gets to escape into the hall he will! He’ll make his way into the kitchen and bang the cupnoard doors. He likes to race you down the hall and thinks its even more funny if you chase him.
He is really learning and interacting more now. He understand when I say lets go and have breakfast. He gives me kisses. If you say ‘Yaaaay!!’ he throws his arms in the air and claps!
He loves his Nana Barbara too, his face lights up when he see’s her. She is still looking after him on Tuesday and Fridays.

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