I am so happy you are considering making a step towards using essential oils for wellness.

There is some general info on this page but I am here 100% to answer any other questions you might have.

As a family, we have seen success using essential oils to support sleep, stress, healthy immune systems, ouchies, hormones, seasonal colds, household cleaning and washing and so much more. I love knowing that the the products I’m using around my children are natural and safe without side effects and possible long term dangers like many other toxic options that are sold in stores.

We buy all our detergent, dish soaps, hand soaps, cleaning, shampoos, deodorant, shave creams and more through our online account. It is our one stop shop for everything wellness and toxin free.

We order a (optional) monthly wellness box and choose all the products that go in it, for this we then earn points back for future spends. This is how we earn a lot of free products to try.

If you’re thinking you would like to get started, here is what I recommend.

Set up an account on the young living website with me as your enroller, I can then guide you through your learning.

You can do that here:

Get started with oils

Choose wholesale to get a discount each time you shop. You never ever, ever have to sell a thing it just means you’ll get 24% discount on everything. I chose a starter kit on joining because it was by far the most cost effective way to get a set of oils and a diffuser. But you don’t have to do that at all. You can place any kind of order you like. If you don’t want to order a starter pack skip past this section, set up your account then go in and order your individual products afterwards. If you want some advice on oils to order please let me know.

The Premium Starter Kit comes with 5ml bottles of:

Stress Away

Plus a dewdrop diffuser, sample bottles, brochure and a welcome parcel from me.

It can be quite overwhelming thinking about beginning the Essential Oils journey. It is so important to have a community to walk along side you. We have amazing Facebook groups about how to use oils, team books, monthly online classes, videos, a business mentorship and business groups for those who are interested in that side of things. Just know that you won’t be alone, we are a team of like minded friends dedicated to supporting and educating new members as much or as little as they would like.

The monthly wellness box I talked about earlier is something I really recommend as you’ll earn 10% back on your first purchase (and any other orders, raising up to 20% in a few months) which can be used to spend later on for freebies. You can cancel this any time as there is absolutely no commitment.

Once you’ve set up your account I will add you to our facebook groups where we have lots of exclusive online classes and articles to read through.

Just to name a few:

An Intro to Oils
Natural cleaning and detoxing the Home
Let it go emotions and essential Oils
Health for guys
Safely oiling our little ones
Women’s Health & Hormones

I am so excited for you to begin your oily journey.

Just let me know if you have any more questions.