I left it too long again!

Jane Louise Buckle23rd May 2011
A big catch up is needed again! I’m all set up on mobile blogging now so regular updates will be coming! So I’ve realised why I started keeping this diary because I’ve forgotten lots of things in the last few months. Anyway Benjamin is such a grown up little boy now. He’s 22 months. Not talking much but getting there. A couple of weeks ago I realised that he’s been saying “excuse me” for ages, I just hadn’t realised what he was saying. He squeezed past me saying it and I realised! He also said “daddy” well I say “say daddy” he says “daadda!” it’s so cute. He just laughs when I say, “say mummy”!! He can count to three as well. He understands everything we say though and has done for months. Christmas was lovely. We took him on the watercress line and took both sets of grandparents as their Christmas presents. Santa came on the train and gave the kids presents. It had been snowing and was magical. Christmas day was brilliant ending with a fab evening at my brothers where Ben played all evening. Especially enjoying some peek boo with uncle Andy! Mothers Day has also been and gone. I had a lovely card and some new clothes! We went for a walk and fed the ducks at Romsey. In the evening we went to the empress of blandings for dinner with Mum, Chris, Andrew, Debbie and her parents. Easter was also lots of fun. We had a garden party in Mo and Sylvia’s garden. All the Buckles, picketed and Castles were there. Easter egg hunt was fun. Ben got bored after aunty Mo opened an egg for him and he realised he could just sit and eat them!!! Nana still looks after Ben on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. I work from home now and do mobile too. When mum arrives in the morning Ben bangs on the window and then runs to the door to let her in. Squealing all the time! He loves his nana very much.

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