Homemade soft scrub

Jane Louise6th June 2019

Since ditching toxic cleaning products and swapping to natural versions I’ve been on the hunt for a good scrub for my sinks and bath tub. This one may be gentle but does the job. The essential oils used have antibacterial properties and have great cleaning power. It also works well for brightening up grout too.


+ 2 tbsp castile soap (I used non scented Dr Bronners)

+ 1/2 cup baking soda

+ 6 drops Lemon oil

+ 3 drops Tea tree oil


Mix the Castile soap and baking soda together. Once combined add the oils and mix again.

Use to gently scrub away grime from sinks and bathrooms. Rinse well after scrubbing.

The original version of this recipe is from the book Glow.

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