General last few weeks update

Jane Louise Buckle25th September 2013

It’s been a busy few weeks with Ben starting school. He’s been a superstar, not really showing too many signs of being over tired. We’ve got him going to bed at 7pm now instead of 8pm so he is getting extra sleep. We’re in the 3rd week now and he’s only cried twice. Once on the second Wednesday when he said he was too tired and didn’t want to go. The second time was yesterday when the teachers wanted us to start getting them to come in alone from the front door. I knew he wouldn’t do this so went in with him but his teachers weren’t there and the music teacher was, this threw him a bit and wanted me to take him to put his water bottle away, I said he could do it himself and he started to cry. They went and got Mrs Wort and soon he was fine. Me and Mrs Wort came up with a plan for her to meet us outside today and see of he will just go in with her and he did. No problems. Happy boy.

Ollie is lovely, enjoying walking around and getting better at it every day. A couple of days ago he said shoe! He is still a brilliant sleeper, going off at 5.30pm and waking after 7am each day. He’s never woken in the night so far. Knocking on wood! Please let this continue. Life is great, feeling proud of my boys. x

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