Essential oils – why I’ve swapped to a non toxic lifestyle

Young living essential oils

So what’s the deal with essential oils and natural skin products? Have you seen people using oils and wondered what all the hippy fuss is about?


I’ve always been interested in using natural products. But until recently I never really thought about the real reasons why. Until last December my lovely friend was diagnosed with cancer. I’ve watched her go through her treatment process and thankfully her future is looking great. But it got me to thinking. Why are we seeing so many people falling ill with such life changing illnesses?

Do the things we use daily have an impact on our health? Is there more I can do to possibly keep my family safe?

I read an article about burning candles in your home and that the burning process can be as harmful as smoking a cigarette (what?!). Then on further reading I realised that products we use daily are full of chemicals that may have adverse effects on health such as respiratory and skin issues along with those dreaded serious diseases. Skincare, cleaning products, shampoo, sunscreen and laundry powder are all loaded with unknown ingredients. If you look at the label chances are you won’t know most of the ingredients. It got me to thinking what if I swap these products for non toxic versions? I might be making our chances a bit better? Whats to lose? Then I began to read about the actual benefits you can get from using the non toxic versions and essential oils. So they are not only, not bad for you but could actually enhance health? Ok, then I figured this is a no-brainer.


I had used essential oils in the past but wanted to try some more. I researched online and found Young Living. I searched on Instagram for people who had been using them to get some feedback and I came across a beautiful account from a lady who has become a great friend. She explained that you actually ‘join’ young living. By that she meant you become a member, firstly getting a wholesale discount, which is great but what I was intrigued about was that she said you become part of tribe of friends that educate and learn together sharing their finds and what works well. Basically you’re not alone in learning all about these little bottles.

So I became a member and ordered a starter kit at a price I could not have matched by buying oils separately. In the kit I got 11 of the most popular oils, a cold water diffuser, mini glass bottles and two samples of Ningxia. From then on I’ve been using oils daily on myself, husband and the kids. We’ve had fun making bug repellent sprays and ouchie oils. The children now ask for oils rather than something like calpol and love oils in their rooms at bedtime. I’m also using homemade face serum every day too with lovely results. And month by month we are ditching and switching cleaning/laundry products and items such as toothpaste and deodorant. I was so happy that these products actually work.


So if you’re interested in learning more about esssential oils and swapping everyday items for ones that naturally support you and your families then I would love to guide you. I’m really passionate about sharing the knowledge and helping others know that there are alternatives to your supermarket varieties.

If you become a member and grab a starter kit during August I will refund your shipping costs and also send you a welcome pack as a gift from me. I’ll also add you to the learning groups of your choice to help you get started and learn everything you want to know.

Ready? Let’s do this together. Shoot me a message and I’ll get you all the information.

Any questions, I’m here for you.

Jane x


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