• After Sun Spray

    Jane Louise 14th April 2020

    I was not expecting to be getting so much sun these past few weeks. We’ve been so lucky to be outside so much. I love that sun kissed feeling at the end of a warm day. Here’s a simple after sun spray to cool revitalise skin at bedtime. What you’ll need: 10 drops Lavender 5 drops Peppermint 2 tbsp Aloe Vera gel 1 tsp Witch hazel distilled water 50 ml…

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  • Homemade Beauty Balm

    Jane Louise 29th March 2020

    My all purpose balm recipe I made this little pot of balm and have found it really useful recently. After planting all my seeds at the weekend my hands were really dry, I slathered this on and they felt so much better instantly. It takes…

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  • Granola

    Jane Louise 22nd November 2019

    I made my own granola this morning. It tastes really good. I mainly made it for the boys, while I try and reduce the amount of processed cereals they eat. I’d be meaning to have a go at this since I saw the lovely Laura…

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  • Homemade soft scrub

    Jane Louise 6th June 2019

    Since ditching toxic cleaning products and swapping to natural versions I’ve been on the hunt for a good scrub for my sinks and bath tub. This one may be gentle but does the job. The essential oils used have antibacterial properties and have great cleaning…

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  • Coconut oil Cleanser pads

    Jane Louise 16th May 2019

    I refilled my homemade cleanser today. I’ve been using it for a few months now. It takes off all my make-up including mascara and has amazing properties for skin. Here’s how I make it….   You’ll need:   + 2 tbsp Coconut oil + 1…

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  • Home made Geranium facial toner

    Jane Louise 3rd March 2019

      I made this toner last month. I’d heard such good things about geranium oil and it’s properties for skin. Other perks include it being balancing for hormones and great for circulation. It’s super easy to make, you’ll need a spray bottle to put it…

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  • Re-useable surface wipes

    Jane Louise 6th February 2019

    Truth be know. I used to use a packet of antibacterial wipes a week. I was obsessed with cleaning everything down with them. Its only since I began this journey into simpler living that I learned those wipes are really not good for our family…

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  • Chewy Gooey cookies

    Jane Louise 25th July 2018

    Here’s the recipe for the cookies that the boys made this week. They turned out chewy and gooey. Super easy and only took 10 minutes to cook. INGEDIENTS 125g Stork butter  115g Brown sugar  110g Caster Sugar 1 medium egg 220g Self Raising Flour Your choice of…

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  • My Home-made facial oil

    Jane Louise 2nd July 2018

    Hey friends. Slowly, slowly I’m getting hooked on everything natural and chemical free. A few weeks ago I made my own facial oil. It literally took me minutes and cost so much less than some I’ve considered buying from high end beauty counters. I read…

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  • Granola Bar Recipe

    Jane Louise 25th February 2018

    These super easy to make Granola Bars are always a big hit in our house. Make them your own by adding in your favourite ingredients as shown. Ingredients 2 cups oats 1 cup rice crispy cereal 1/2 cup of you choice of nuts/seeds/dried fruit (depending…

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  • Healthy Tomato Soup

    Jane Louise 29th January 2018

    Another super quick and easy soup recipe. Full of heathy ingredients and easy to transport in a flask to work or out for the day. If you’re following slimming world or weight watchers it’s a zero on both plans. Ingredients 2 punnets of cherry tomatoes…

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  • My Butternut Squash Soup

    janelouisebuckle 15th August 2017

    I recently posted a picture of my lunchtime homemade soup on my insta-stories and I got some questions about how I make it.  So I thought I would share my recipe with you. I make this so often. It’s healthy and so easy to knock…

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