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Jane Louise Buckle17th October 2010

I didn't realise it had been so long since I did a post. The little fella turned 15 months on 7th Oct.
Lots has happened so here goes. Ben has been doing the odd step/ steps for ages now, but yesterday he really got the hang of it. We went to buy a new camera and he spent ages walking around jessops holding my hand. I was all gooey and proud. Now he is toddling around the house like it's nothing new. He is still wobbly though which is so cute.
I bought him a pair of clarks shoes on eBay in the end. As he refused to put shoes on I decided not to buy brand new ones until he was happier in them. As it was the eBay ones are so nice and he really likes them now.
New words in the last week are quack, quack which is a bit if a growled ack ack, ooh ooh like a monkey, woof or oufff and meow which sounds like a baby tiger! He is really understanding things you say to him as well. He'll go to the stairs if you ask him if he wants to go to bed or to his high chair if you ask him if he is hungry.
I decided today that he has grown out of his pushchair so looking for a new more compact one.
He's been a bit funny about food lately. I think he has realised he has a choice and will refuse things more often now. He still has his toddler milk. 5oz after breakfast and 7oz at bedtime. He likes squash too so has a little beaker to drink through the day.
We put him on Nanas scales the other day, he was 1st 12lb. Definatly well built, but also slimming down and losing some baby chubb. He's in the right size for his age, 12-18mths.
We've been going to gym tots since September where he gets to climb, jump, swing etc. He can't do all of it but gives it a good go! We've also been to ashurst toddler group a few times with Tascha and Emily, it's on a Monday at the church hall. Good for a catch up and tea and cake! I think I might do some more swimming with him next term instead of gym tots.
I think this brings us up to date, will try not to leave it so long…x

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