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  • Easter Celebrations

    janelouisebuckle 23rd April 2014

    The rain held off, we hunted eggs, ate a feast of burgers and sausages from the BBQ and raced with eggs and spoons. It’s always a brilliant time when the family get together, especially seeing little cousins having so much fun. 

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  • 9 Day Old Lucie

    janelouisebuckle 19th April 2014

    Last week I had the pleasure of photographing baby Lucie. At just 9 days old she’s sleepy, cuddly and has the cutest wrinkly forehead. I took these pictures at home with Mum, Dad and very proud big brother Jacques. The sun shone through the windows of their Salisbury home, we drank tea and chatted before our shoot. I loved every minute taking pictures of this relaxed and happy family celebrating the…

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  • Mothers Day

    janelouisebuckle 31st March 2014

    The boys bought me this lovely sign for Mothers Day. We had a lovely day at mudeford and hengisbury head and them dinner at the New Forest Hotel.  Ben’s swimming is coming along very well. Last Friday he did front crawl and 3/4 over head strokes, head down like a fish. His teacher did a ‘yesss!’ Under his breath and looked so proud. He got his stage one swimming skill…

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  • Mothers Day

    janelouisebuckle 30th March 2014

    My Mum, she’s amazing. She’d do anything for me and the boys. On Mothers Day we love to spend time with her letting her know just how much we love her. Today we went to Mudeford, then across to Hengisbury Head on the ferry for a walk around the sand dunes. It would also have been my lovely Granny’s Birthday today, we remembered her as we sat at the beach…

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  • March and the sun has been shining

    janelouisebuckle 17th March 2014

    After so much rain this winter I’m so happy that the weather has cheered up and we’ve been out to play.  Michael has started work on the garden patio and we’re thinking about how to set out our allotment. Oliver is crazy about being in the garden. He drags his little step to the back door and points out the window. Ollie’s latest words are chocolate, crocodile and the phrase…

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  • Life’s a beach

    janelouisebuckle 16th March 2014

    Another busy weekend filled with Garden sorting, trips to the allotment and finished with a stroll along the beach at Calshot in the late Sunday Sunshine. Perfect.  

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  • Happy Sunday Sunshine

    janelouisebuckle 9th March 2014

    Finally a bit of sunshine and for March it was a fabulous warm day. For us there’s nothing better than a play day in the woods at Moors Valley Country Park. I’m excited to be out there with my camera capturing happy memories with these great kids. 

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  • Can’t believe my last post was September!

    janelouisebuckle 21st February 2014

    Again it’s been way too long. Here’s a photo summary of what’s been happening. Ollie is starting to talk. Favourites are sit down, let’s go, hot, stinky, Benji, Daddy, no and muuuuuuum! Still sleeping all night from 5/5.30 until 7 or 8 am.  Ben is fab, doing well at school and at generally bring a monkey. Hah. He’s well behaved but has his moments.

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  • General last few weeks update

    janelouisebuckle 25th September 2013

    It’s been a busy few weeks with Ben starting school. He’s been a superstar, not really showing too many signs of being over tired. We’ve got him going to bed at 7pm now instead of 8pm so he is getting extra sleep. We’re in the 3rd week now and he’s only cried twice. Once on the second Wednesday when he said he was too tired and didn’t want to go.…

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  • Oliver can walk

    janelouisebuckle 10th September 2013

    So today I would say ollie has finally mastered the walking. He’s been doing little bits for weeks but now I’d say he’s choosing to walk over crawling the majority of the time. 

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  • First Day at School

    janelouisebuckle 9th September 2013

    Ben’s first day at school. Reception year, 9th September 2013. Super proud mummy as Ben confidently goes off to play cars on his first day. I didn’t cry as much as I thought I would either. x

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  • Ben update

    janelouisebuckle 24th July 2013

    A big special time for Ben. This week he finished pre-school for the summer holidays and is going to big school in September. Thursday 18th was his last day and he had his leavers party on Friday. A big brave boy it didn’t phase him. Mummy in the other hand cried at the school gates. 

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