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  • Young Living Clearance sale

    Jane Louise 30th November 2020

    A very exciting sale has launch today and is a great opportunity for you to grab some bargains ahead of Christmas. The sale products are available as a one time order via your member account. If you need any help at all ordering just let me know. Also if you’re thinking of ordering a starter bundle let me know as I have a special treat for you too today. Be…

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  • The Starter Bundles

    Jane Louise 29th November 2020

    My best and favourite way to start with oils is by ordering a starter bundle. The starter bundles get you everything you need: 12 of the best oils Choice of diffuser Ningxia Samples Roller Top (add to your stress away for instant natural perfume) The box has got you covered for you and your family’s wellness and beginning the oily lifestyle. You’ll get a 50% discount on buying everything individually. You will also…

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  • After Sun Spray

    Jane Louise 14th April 2020

    I was not expecting to be getting so much sun these past few weeks. We’ve been so lucky to be outside so much. I love that sun kissed feeling at the end of a warm day. Here’s a simple after sun spray to cool revitalise skin at bedtime. What you’ll need: 10 drops Lavender 5 drops Peppermint 2 tbsp Aloe Vera gel 1 tsp Witch hazel distilled water 50 ml…

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  • Why we diffuse essential oils

    Jane Louise 10th April 2020

    Why diffuse essential oils? I used to burn candles all the time. Candle light is so pretty and makes a room feel cosy. But then I read something about burning a candle was like smoking a cigarette because of the smoke and candle wax ingredients. Now I’m not sure that is actual fact but it did get me thinking. There is no real benefit to burning a candle other than…

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  • Homemade Beauty Balm

    Jane Louise 29th March 2020

    My all purpose balm recipe I made this little pot of balm and have found it really useful recently. After planting all my seeds at the weekend my hands were really dry, I slathered this on and they felt so much better instantly. It takes make up off, softens lips, works as a night time skin treat, soothes ouchies, softens cuticles….the list is long. It’s made with simple ingredients and…

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  • Essential Oil Garden Spray

    Jane Louise 19th March 2020

    The seeds are coming up for the allotment. We love watching them grow. With everything going on at the moment, I’m leaning more and more towards ways that we can be more self sufficient. This year with the children home from school more, it’ll be a family effort and I’m excited for it. I just made this plant spray with oils that are know to deter pests and will keep…

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  • Oils for muscle aches and tension

    Jane Louise 26th February 2020

    N e c k / S h o u l d e r  T e n s i o n I woke up with a ‘funny’ neck today. So I grabbed these oils, put a few drops in my hand with some coconut oil and rubbed on my neck. I’ll be doing this throughout the day to ease the achy pain. Here’s a bit about each oil….best news is they…

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  • Granola

    Jane Louise 22nd November 2019

    I made my own granola this morning. It tastes really good. I mainly made it for the boys, while I try and reduce the amount of processed cereals they eat. I’d be meaning to have a go at this since I saw the lovely Laura over on @thehomelyhaven make some. I kind of made up the recipe but it went something like this: 2 1/2 cups of oats 1 cup…

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  • Homemade soft scrub

    Jane Louise 6th June 2019

    Since ditching toxic cleaning products and swapping to natural versions I’ve been on the hunt for a good scrub for my sinks and bath tub. This one may be gentle but does the job. The essential oils used have antibacterial properties and have great cleaning power. It also works well for brightening up grout too. INGREDIENTS + 2 tbsp castile soap (I used non scented Dr Bronners) + 1/2 cup…

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  • Coconut oil Cleanser pads

    Jane Louise 16th May 2019

    I refilled my homemade cleanser today. I’ve been using it for a few months now. It takes off all my make-up including mascara and has amazing properties for skin. Here’s how I make it….   You’ll need:   + 2 tbsp Coconut oil + 1 tbsp Witch hazel + 4 drops Lavender oil + 4 drops Roman Chamomile + 2 tbsp water + re-useable face pads   To make:  …

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  • Home made Geranium facial toner

    Jane Louise 3rd March 2019

      I made this toner last month. I’d heard such good things about geranium oil and it’s properties for skin. Other perks include it being balancing for hormones and great for circulation. It’s super easy to make, you’ll need a spray bottle to put it in just add these ingredients: + 20 drops geranium oil + fill the rest with witch hazel + spray after cleansing Geranium is used in…

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  • Re-useable surface wipes

    Jane Louise 6th February 2019

    Truth be know. I used to use a packet of antibacterial wipes a week. I was obsessed with cleaning everything down with them. Its only since I began this journey into simpler living that I learned those wipes are really not good for our family nor the environment. They’ll be sitting on some landfill right now and we breathed in some not so great chemicals from using them. But its…

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